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Silence Your Alarm With A Wave Of Your Hand [Android]

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Set your phone on your nightstand after setting up the alarm and when it rings in the morning, just move your hand over it. The alarm will turn off when it detects this movement.

To use the app’s timer, swipe to the Interval tab and set it. The app’s settings let you adjust the camera’s sensitivity. Both alarm and timer are turned off the same way and you can manage the sensitivity of the camera for them independently.

Wave Alarm_interval Wave Alarm_settings

On to the pros and cons of the app; the number one shortcoming is that it doesn’t have a snooze feature. When turning the alarm off is as easy as waving your hand over it, you’re likely to end up oversleeping. The easy turn-off method will keep you from accidentally dropping your device but it runs you the risk of being late.

It is also possible (though we didn’t test it) that objects like a ceiling fan might just turn the alarm off if the movement is picked up by the app. Fortunately, you can manage camera sensitivity to circumvent this. Wave Alarm is free, without any ads, and has no premium features that you need to pay for.

Install Wave Alarm From The Google Play Store

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